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Missionaries We Support:

Church of Christ Worship Center Churches  (in Kenya and reaching Uganda)

Worship Center Churches Map

  • Paul Bwire, Peter Bwire Lukoye, Mosel Namaswa, & Joseph Mukuyuni from Eldoret church (A)
  • Charles Luvanda Tsiruma & Thomas Amimo from Vumillia A church (B)
  • Alex Omulanga Bwire from Vumillia C church (C)
  • Herbert Opula & Joseph Simuyu from Maili Nne church (D)
  • Victor Omollo Chogo from Baraka church (E)
  • Kaimosi church (7)

 Master Plan Ministries

Master Plan Logo


 Kyle & Michelle Kostreva (serving at Colorado Mesa University)




 Pregnancy Center of Grand Junction

UIM Aviation

UIM Aviation Facebook Page

Farmer Family Missionary Pilot Facebook Page

UIM Aviation Logo

 Farmer FamilyJasson & Kim Farmer (in Mexico)



Walton Kostreva with Moody Aviation

Moody Aviation

Moody Aviation Facebook Page

Moody Aviation Logo

 WaltonWalton Kostreva (Flight Instructor)

Training the next generation of missionary pilots!


Other Ministries We Promote:

Broken Arrow Bible Ranch

A ministry of UIM to Native children in New Mexico

Camp Elim

Camp Elim

Children With Hope

Father to the Fatherless International

Friends of Israel

The Friends of Israel

The Mikeshes

BMWCanada LogoThe Mikesh Family (serving in Canada)

The Mikesh Family




Samaritan's Purse

San Juan Bible Camp


 The Most Family

The Most Family




Voice of the Martyrs

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15 NIV